What a 3D printable model is?


For those new to the hobby and/or to the 3d printing world: 3D printable models are digital files, mostly in ".stl" format, that were created using 3d modelling software by a sculptor and can be brought to the real world by printing them with a 3D printer. Its like making having a nice drawing/text file and having it printed with a regular (2D) printer.

What if i dont own a 3d printer?

That is NOT a problem for sure! You dont need to have a printer to enjoy my models (or any creator´s models): you can 1)  Get the files and have a friend print them for you, or
2) Get in touch with any of the licensed printers, they are people who pay a license to print and sell my models, you DONT have to buy the files.

Not sure if i will like your modelling style once the model is printed.

You can first give a try and test print any of my many free models, here at thingiverse! FREE MODELS.

Are models presupported?

All models are to be supported. Since supports are not made by me (Erramir), i will be uploading products firstly unsupported, until the supported version is made. Each product will have  a label indicating if the are supported.

If you buy an unsupported model and before you have it printed (that queue gets each time longer!) i upload the supported version, you can ask them via email, with subject/title: "Supported version", and sending a screenshot of the file/s in your PC/device as attachment.