COMMISSIONS: When you are looking for a private commission, let it be for personal use, or for bussiness, take this into account:

*I (Erramir) charge $20USD/hour.
*Cost of a stand alone (1 "original pose") infantry model is up to 16 hours = $320USD.
*Average cost of infantry models made in sets of +3 "original poses" of the same theme/faction is 12 hours each = $240USD.

*Making a variant of a  previously sculpted pose, costs 3 hours = $60USD.

*Cavalry/mounted units cost +50% to +100% of what infantry costs, depending on complexity ( e.g. an unarmored horse in walking pose take less time than a plate armored pegasus in attacking & flying position).

*My rate is for sculpting, i am not a concept artist , so, please if you are considering hiring me, get as much visual references for your model as you can. Also dont hesitate in sending me a brickload of text with detailed information about what is your vision of the model, or the entire line, to make it faster and better for us both the whole process of creating a model.

LICENSES: If you want monthly/yearly ($25 USD/month, $250USD/year) or definitive ($4 USD per infantry, $8 USD per cavalry, double if commanders/characters, $10 USD per artillery piece) licenses to sell PRINTS of our models, just contact us for more info: CONTACT.