Erramir 2D


"Peculiar Companions" by "Erramir Orlans" from Joy Games Interactive, is an indie developer based in Argentina, Buenos Aires. The mission is to provide -mostly-, fantasy miniatures with peculiar "no generic" aesthetics based/inspired by historical cultures: their arms and armors.

The fantasy range covers designs from the second half of 15th century to first half of the 16th century; a time frame where the first gunpodwer weapons appeared at the same time that armours were getting more complex (harness plate armor) and war/battle tactics were in constant evolution.


The goal with Peculiar Companions and its historical aproach, is to make at least 1 release (5 unit types + 1 mounted commander + 1 commander on foot + 1 artyllery/siege engine) of each of the main cultures of the WORLD around the first third of the 16th century.